Tips For Traveling on Trains in India

india-trainIndia is a country with an amalgamation of various diverse cultures. It is characterized by different types of people, places, and languages.

Traveling from one part of the country to another can take many, many days. There are various modes of traveling across the country, but by rail is the most popular and the best way to really see the true India.

Traveling by air is not only the most expensive means of travel in India, it can also be quite inconvenient. Most airports are modern structures which have been situated way outside the city, forcing you to take expensive taxis to get into the city destination.

The only way to see, smell, and feel India is to travel by rail as the lasting legacy of the British is their huge network of railways, connecting even the remotest parts of the country. These are some tips that will help you along the way:

  1. The train offers various classes, fitting your time schedule and the budget. So begin by preparing your travel schedule.
  2. Purchase a detailed travel guide of India and study the places you intend to visit beforehand.
  3. Always book the tickets through the authorized travel agent or the Indian railways website (
  4. Don’t buy any tickets from touts, since they tend to overcharge you and are proned to tricking foreigners.
  5. Remember the food served by the Indian railways is authentic Indian, with plenty of oil and spices. If you cannot stomach real Indian food for long periods of time, always carry some eatables like bread, butter and fruits with you.
  6. Indians tend to be very friendly and at times, can border on intrusive. So your best bet is to be friendly, but stonewall any personal queries.
  7. Don’t eat food offered by total strangers and always be careful of leaving your drink unattended (there have been some instances of drug induced train robberies).
  8. Chain your luggage securely by using the chain and hook found below your seat/berth in order to keep your possessions safe.

India is a great place to be and the train trips are always a definite highlight.

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