For a traveler, traveling should be first and foremost a learning experience.

Traveling to remote and unusual places far from the standard and well traveled tourist destinations can rekindle adventure spirit of a traveler and renew a sense of perspective in his daily life.

Such remote places are often very sensitive to outside disruption and exist in a delicate cultural or environmental balance. So, a traveler holds a responsibility to protect this balance.

The three most essential aspects which a traveler should follow are:

  1. Understand and observe local customs – a traveler should acquaint himself with the cultures and customs of the lands he visits and respect them. It is possible that other cultures may take offense to certain innocent and unassuming gestures. For instance, in some societies people do not wish to be photographed without their prior permission. Such regulations should be strictly followed.
  2. Support the local economy – a traveler should stay in locally owned establishment. It not only will give him better cultural exposure to the region but also is of direct economical benefit to the community.  It is always preferable to eat the local cuisine. A traveler should be humble and eat the type of food which is indigenous to that area. He should enjoy the provincial fare which supports the local eateries, growers, fishermen, wineries etc. And buy local crafts. Souvenirs should be purchased which will support local artisans and help perpetuate their tradition, craft and culture.
  3. Be patient and positive – for a traveler, travel means strange luggages and unfamiliar surroundings. So, he should expect the unexpected. A traveler should not get frustrated and also did not be afraid to ask help. Courtesy is usually responded to with kindness.

A happy traveler is the one who is patient, positive and always remembers to smile.

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