Irish FireHall and Pub: Why They Just Don’t Mix

Irish FireHall and Pub: Why They Just Don’t Mix

In a one horse Irish town, my friend was staying in the only Inn which happened to be across from the only fire fighting station which happened to be attached to the only pub. About three blocks up the only road, the church happened to catch fire and the alarm was sounded throughout the town.


Peaking through the curtains of his Inn, my friend saw eight of the Irish firemen frantically stumble out of the pub around the corner into the firehall, followed seconds later by the screaming horns of the firetruck as it barrelled out of the garage.

The bleary eyed truck driver took the corner much sharper then usual, and 5 of the Irish Firefighters went flying off the side of the truck as their drunken grip loosened under the surprising turn.

Startled and bewildered, the 5 Irishmen picked their pride and gear off the ground and stumbled up the hill yelling ancient Irish profanities all the way to the burning church.

Gotta luv de Irish bye.

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