Cruise Vacations

Are you thinking of your next holiday and want it to be different from the harried stop-photograph-go trips that seem to pass for vacations? Cruise vacations are attractive to all ages and interests…singles, couples, families and retirees. There are cruises that cater to special interests and those that cheerfully serve all groups. Cruises are fun and it is not long before the lively atmosphere on board lifts your spirits and puts you in vacation mode.

The facilities on cruise ships rival those in 5-star resorts. Let not the brochures’ 5-star prices intimidate you from taking the plunge into cruising. Availing services of cruise-only travel agencies like Direct Line Cruises can save significant amounts of money. Direct Line Cruises pre-purchases cabins from leading cruise lines well ahead of sailing dates and this enables them to pass on the savings to customers. Travel insurance is free and there is no service fee.

Royal Caribbean Cruiseline is a leading name in the cruise industry. On board entertainment like Broadway-style shows, mini-golf and casinos are standard. Adventure opportunities like rock walls, ice rinks and on-board surf simulators make sailing with Royal Caribbean a unique experience. Destinations range from glacier-jeweled Alaska, to the exotic Caribbean, and of course, the ever popular destinations of Hawaii and Europe. Optional cruise tours offer a combination of land adventures in Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Whistler, Europe and at a host of other ports of call.

Norwegian Cruise Line is another top player and offers destinations such as the Mexican Riviera, South America apart from the Caribbean, Canada, Bermuda and Alaska. No fixed dining hours and casual resort attire make sailing Norwegian Cruise Line a carefree experience. Wedding and anniversary packages make events as special as you want them to be. Family fun activities ensure good times for all ages.

Direct Line Cruises has been in business for the past 12 years and the website offers online booking facilities. Phone calls can be made to their toll-free number at 1 800 352 8088.

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