10 Tips For Adventure Travel in Asia

1.  Always Separate Your Money (Cargo pants are great to keep your large bills hidden and small bills accessible)

2. Learn Chinese Chess (Especially for South East Asia and China)

3. Bring Good Sandals (You’ll probably pitch your shoes)

4. Learn Some Key Local Words (They’ll love you for it)

5. Bargain Hard (But always smile, otherwise they might get angry)?

6. Stay away from fellow foreigners (you’re not there to go to the pub)

7. Learn to ride a motorcycle before you go (its the best part of asia!)

8. Make sure you HAVE to take your malaria pills (as they’re quite harsh and usually unnecessary)

9. Pack Light (a bag similar to the size of a beach bag)

10. Do Not get involved in a travel agency (they just keep handing you off and ripping you off!)

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